Pearl dust for Cake Decorating Giant Cupcake!

CakeI am not a pro at baking or cake decorating at all, i just enjoy making cakes for close family but mostly my girls. I made this cake for my youngest one.. shes just turning 1, not really into any certain character, so I get to pick the theme!! So, why not cupcakes?!? I was at Ross not too long ago and they had a large cupcake pan for 7$ but at the time I thought I would never use it.. So when I decided that I wanted to make this cake and then another large cupcake for her smash cake, of course, when you go back they didn’t have one and had to pay a whopping 20$ for one at Walmart. :( Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan  Anyways, I made this with a simple vanilla cake mix and colored vanilla icing.

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