Fall Pine Cone Bouquet

So, here it is… As much as I love fall, it comes with the bittersweet feeling of cold weather to hit soon. Which turns running out the door into a full race of finding socks, shoes, hats, coats, and blankets with only negative 10 minutes to leave the house… but we make it like we always do. Yet, on the other hand, we are not bickering from 100+ degree weather. lol Then I think about the warm campfires and see the big orange pumpkins come into the stores (not in July, please!) and I start getting into the mood. And then comes the annual craft shows which begin early fall, after crafting my little heart out for several weeks, sometimes months… I’m kinda ready for lazy, relaxing days spent snuggling up to the kids! Checkout this super festive pinecone bouquet!!!!

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Pink Kitchen Bakery Wood Pallet Sign

Wood Pallet Kitchen SIgn

I love Shabby Chic decor, the pink/turquoise vintage rose covered anything is my favorite! I am head over heels for teapots, teacups and saucers….. oh, and cupcakes. I have collected tons of cutesy glassware over the last couple years. New and thrift store finds. I have wanted a shabby chic teacup/cupcake/bakery kitchen for a long time but have had trouble tying it all together. I wanted a handmade vintage feel while keeping it young and cute. This framed pallet bakery sign works perfectly!!!

I love making things! And this bakery sign was no exception. I had several ideas for a bakery sign…

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