Primitive Washboard



Always walking through antique shops and primitive stores and i find these old time washboards. They are pretty much for sale everywhere, in any size!! And yes they are nice just hung up as a vintage looking piece, but i wanted something that would blend more with my painted things, in my laundry room. So I thought i would try painting, and it turned out like this:

washboard   This is something that is so simple to make, but would be an awesome wedding or house warming gift. First, I painted the metal piece in the middle with a stone-effect, spray paint. After it had dried I painted the top and edges with a flat brown and kind of touched on a lighter brown over that just for some texture and an older look.

After the paint had dried, I used stencils to paint on the word Love and added the star and jute string bow with a button. I added a hanger on the back and you’re ready to hang up and enjoy!!!! So many people have asked were I got this from. And im proud to say i made it myself. Good luck and Happy krafting! 🙂

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