Pearl dust for Cake Decorating Giant Cupcake!

CakeI am not a pro at baking or cake decorating at all, i just enjoy making cakes for close family but mostly my girls. I made this cake for my youngest one.. shes just turning 1, not really into any certain character, so I get to pick the theme!! So, why not cupcakes?!? I was at Ross not too long ago and they had a large cupcake pan for 7$ but at the time I thought I would never use it.. So when I decided that I¬†wanted to make this cake and then another large cupcake for her smash cake, of course, when you go back they didn’t have one and had to pay a whopping 20$ for one at Walmart. ūüôĀ Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan ¬†Anyways, I¬†made this with a simple vanilla cake mix and colored vanilla icing.

It was fairly easy to use the large cupcake pan although I¬†overfilled it with batter the first time and had to rake off the top some while it was baking. But, my favorite thing about this cake was the nontraditional way of putting her name on it. I know it is not written perfect and if I¬†wasn’t so rushed ¬†I’m sure I could have taken the time to print out large letters from the computer and trace them over wax paper with the melting chocolate, but little time… so I just free handed them.. and they didn’t look so great untilIi added Wilton pearl dust the same color as the chocolate letters. Its very easy to use and can be applied dry from package or mixed with vanilla extract to apply wet. Definitely saved the day! It adds so much of a shimmery, wet look that it hid most of the imperfections of the chocolate where it was too dry to be writing with. The banner across the bottom layer was just more Wilton colored melted chocolate poured into some fondant molds also by Wilton. I added the shimmering pearl dust to those too, in pink and blue to make them pop out a little more too. Below you can see the before and after of the chocolate letters while im adding the pearl dust. Its a great product! I will be anxious to add this to royal icing roses and accents. Anyway, I was proud how this turned out and cant wait for more baking adventures!!!¬†wp-1459542867635.jpg

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