Fall Pine Cone Bouquet

So, here it is… As much as I love fall, it comes with the bittersweet feeling of cold weather to hit soon. Which turns running out the door into a full race of finding socks, shoes, hats, coats, and blankets with only negative 10 minutes to leave the house… but we make it like we always do. Yet, on the other hand, we are not bickering from 100+ degree weather. lol Then I think about the warm campfires and see the big orange pumpkins come into the stores (not in July, please!) and I start getting into the mood. And then comes the annual craft shows which begin early fall, after crafting my little heart out for several weeks, sometimes months… I’m kinda ready for lazy, relaxing days spent snuggling up to the kids! Checkout this super festive pinecone bouquet!!!!

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I have seen some projects made from pinecones for a while now and had to tackle this myself. I really did enjoy making this pinecone bouquet, except my pinecones, were cinnamon, and I kinda got choked up tearing the tops out. 🙁 lol

This was an annoying task not gonna lie. lol I had to twist on each “petal”? or whatever they are called, until they would break off and then take the scissors to cut away the stringy looking leftovers. Then from there was smooth sailing. I just chose fall colors and painted the pinecones. I then, using a paintbrush, applied glue to the edges and added glitter. I glued small dowel rods into the bottom before painting. This may be easier to spray paint the pinecones, rather than trying to get into all the small grooves with the paintbrushes, will remember this for next time!!

I painted a couple orange, gold, silver and some just the tips gold. This could easily be painted different colors for Christmas or just winter colors.

Using a clear ball jar from the thrift store I sprayed it a tan color and glued on a burlap bow. (Check out the video to see how I made that)

I painted the dowel rods brown and arranged them into the jar trying to separate matching colors. It may have been better if I made the dowel rods different sizes so they all didn’t touch at the same height in the jar. After the glue had dried I sprayed them with a glossy clear coat so the glitter stays on better and gives them a shiny finish. I think it turned out great! I also make a fall banner out of scrapbook paper to hang up and add more colors as seen in the video! So happy with how this turned out and looks great on our fireplace!! Happy Krafting! 🙂


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