Dying Artificial Flowers

So i was making a wedding cake for some family, and i needed some flowers (that match her other wedding decorations) to use on the cake. I looked at several craft stores and places, yet couldn’t find anything close to what i needed, I’m guessing because of this time of year. I had light blue roses from my wedding (which were way too pale) and i tried to Google ways to get them darker, but all called for special dye purchased from crafting store. I had none on hand, so i wanted to try a few things… turns out i found a really neat and easy way to!!!

Flower Dye   Here shown i put some water into a plastic bowl and put about half a teaspoon of Wilton cake icing color (i used sky blue) and mixed very well. Then I dipped each flower in there for about 5 seconds and then shook it off and placed on a towel to dry. I didn’t really believe that it would work, but turned out great! I don’t think you could turn a flower from one color to another, but this way would definitely turn white flowers into many colors and darken or brighten others! Here’s before and after:Result

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