DIY Photo Canvas Prints

I love the look of photo canvases everywhere, but whenever you go to order them…. they r wayyyyy too expensive for what i want to invest into a small 8×10 or 10×13.

I actually seen this idea from my sister-in-law, her mom made her one for a birthday gift of a wedding picture. They turned out very cute and I was impressed at how little time it takes to make these. I am definitely over the whole dark primitive decor for a couple years and trying to redecorate the whole house! I am wanting to turn my dining and kitchen into a shabby chic (meaning like the distressed painted things and pink roses) with lots of bright colors like pinks and turquoise. I am going for a bakery theme (using cupcake/teacups/teapots) . I set up everything from my kitchen like cookie jar, cupcakes, teacups and flowers and created a cute scenery for the background of the photos i used on this project. So, it matches perfectly! Very happy how they turned out! And very proud to show off these two sweet girls! 🙂

1You will need:

  • Blank Canvases (mine are 11×14) (you’ll need one more than you plan on actually hanging on the wall – you will have to ruin this one)
  • Pictures that are the same size as the canvas
  • Paintbrush
  • Mod podge (i used satin)

This is a very simple tutorial… so i’ll keep it short and sweet…

  1.  Trim image to fit perfectly on canvas, if you choose to paint the sides of the canvas I think before gluing on the picture would be best.
  2.  Paint on a thin layer of mod podge on the blank canvas
  3.  Lay your picture on top of the canvas and smooth out
  4.  I let this dry about 10-15 minutes, then apply a thin yet decent amount of mod podge with a paintbrush (i used a sponge brush) evenly over the entire picture. It applies very white but will dry transparent.
  5. Last you have to take another canvas i used one the same size and stamp over the entire picture to create the canvas texture. Let dry.


I am happy with how these turned out, the only exception I wish I would have rolled the mod podge on with a small foam roller to be more even. When the light hits it just right you can tell some areas are more textured than others cause the mod podge was thicker in some spots. Otherwise, great idea… will definitely be making some more once I get new family pictures taken

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