DIY Hatchimal Inspired Surprise Eggs for Kids

I love Hatchimals, as does the whole world!?! And my girls are crazy over any kind of surprise bag or surprise egg. So it seemed so appropriate to make our own DIY surprise eggs! These are pretty much free except whatever you chose to put inside the egg, I used their little beanie boos toys from Mcdonalds happy meal, which worked PERFECT! You could also buy packs of smaller toys to separate or add candy, stickers or anything for a party favor or small gift!  My kids loved them and had a blast busting them open even though they had a pretty good idea of what was inside! I will definitely be making these again soon! Maybe a holiday theme… Valentines? Easter? Birthday party favor? Possiblities are endless! Im getting excited! 🙂

I made a homemade kid-friendly paper mache recipe for the glue, which was: 1 cup Flour, 2 cups Water, and a dash of salt. Mixed up well and stored in the fridge overnight. I cut up some newspaper strips which I later had to tear smaller so they would curve around the egg better. You could also use small balloons so you could hold larger animals too.  I did have some trouble with the newspaper strips laying perfectly flat against the egg. The smaller the strips seemed to work best. I used larger Easter eggs that I had on hand, and set them to dry in these teacups, they are Not Full-Size teacups! I dipped the newspaper strip into the paste, raked excess off along the edge of the bowl and applied it to the top half of the egg, then put some eggs upside down and did the bottom half of different eggs and left them to dry overnight.

The next morning I had several tops and several bottoms of eggs that were dry. I pulled the plastic egg from the newspaper shell and fit the top and bottom together as close as possible and trimmed away uneven areas. Then I put this cute little penguin inside. I wrapped him in a small amount of plastic wrap to avoid getting the flour paste on him. I secured them together with clear tape which didn’t stick very well, next time I will try hot glue. Then I took more short strips of paste and newspaper and went up and down over the “crack” of the egg. Then let that dry which didn’t take near as long. Then they were ready to paint.

After the glue was completely dried I painted them with a sponge brush with white paint and dabbed it on pretty thick to help the egg appear more smooth. Whenever the paint was dry I made the paint splatters by tapping a small paintbrush over the top of the solid white eggs but this makes a mess.. beware!

Whenever the paint splatters were dry I used a small amount of silver glitter glue and added it lightly around the egg.

I even traced some question marks with stick glue and added matching course glitter. Reminded me of a baby gender reveal though. Lol

After several pictures, we attempted to bust them open. They seemed pretty tough at first but we discovered if you literally try to crack the egg by tapping it against the table or counter in the center rotating it all around will soften the middle and then you can push your thumbs through the shell and pull the egg apart!

This was such a fun rainy day project! Well, I guess it took us 2 days waiting for the paper mache to dry. But was sooo worth it! Like I say I’m excited to try to make holiday versions of this! Who doesn’t love a surprise?? And a great alternative than the more expensive Hatchimals. Happy krafting!!

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