Very easy to make!


– premade vanilla cupcakes

– vanilla icing

– blue food coloring

– marshmallow eyes/chocolate chips

– chocolate chip cookies

Thought I would share something simple, yet lots of fun! I have seen these posted several places and I had to try! Made these little monsters as a get well prize for a young friend, and it cheered him up fast! 🙂 but I think these would be great to make with the kids!


Start off with baked cupcakes that have cooled. Color your icing blue and add a small layer of frosting on the cupcake. Then lay the cookie on the cupcake (towards the front so it hangs out). Then,  all I did was take a small piece of another cupcake I wasn’t going to decorate and placed it toward the back of the cupcake (over back half of cookie) to create a bump for the head. Then i frosted that piece and around it with the blue icing, (I tried to make it furry looking by tapping with butter knife all over frosting). I added same color sprinkles to give more texture. See, not hard at all. For the eyes, I just flattened mini marshmallows and glued on a chocolate chip with the icing. I recommend placing these in fridge quickly after making to let the icing harden a tad. Seems like the heads try to slide off if frosting is too creamy and humid. I’m sure this would work for Elmo and Oscar too with red and green coloring!

Happy Krafting!

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