Fall Pine Cone Bouquet

So, here it is… As much as I love fall, it comes with the bittersweet feeling of cold weather to hit soon. Which turns running out the door into a full race of finding socks, shoes, hats, coats, and blankets with only negative 10 minutes to leave the house… but we make it like we always do. Yet, on the other hand, we are not bickering from 100+ degree weather. lol Then I think about the warm campfires and see the big orange pumpkins come into the stores (not in July, please!) and I start getting into the mood. And then comes the annual craft shows which begin early fall, after crafting my little heart out for several weeks, sometimes months… I’m kinda ready for lazy, relaxing days spent snuggling up to the kids! Checkout this super festive pinecone bouquet!!!!

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DIY Hatchimal Inspired Surprise Eggs for Kids

I love Hatchimals, as does the whole world!?! And my girls are crazy over any kind of surprise bag or surprise egg. So it seemed so appropriate to make our own DIY surprise eggs! Continue reading “DIY Hatchimal Inspired Surprise Eggs for Kids”

Pink Kitchen Bakery Wood Pallet Sign

Wood Pallet Kitchen SIgn

I love Shabby Chic decor, the pink/turquoise vintage rose covered anything is my favorite! I am head over heels for teapots, teacups and saucers….. oh, and cupcakes. I have collected tons of cutesy glassware over the last couple years. New and thrift store finds. I have wanted a shabby chic teacup/cupcake/bakery kitchen for a long time but have had trouble tying it all together. I wanted a handmade vintage feel while keeping it young and cute. This framed pallet bakery sign works perfectly!!!

I love making things! And this bakery sign was no exception. I had several ideas for a bakery sign… Continue reading “Pink Kitchen Bakery Wood Pallet Sign”

Pearl dust for Cake Decorating Giant Cupcake!

CakeI am not a pro at baking or cake decorating at all, i just enjoy making cakes for close family but mostly my girls. I made this cake for my youngest one.. shes just turning 1, not really into any certain character, so I get to pick the theme!! So, why not cupcakes?!? I was at Ross not too long ago and they had a large cupcake pan for 7$ but at the time I thought I would never use it.. So when I decided that I wanted to make this cake and then another large cupcake for her smash cake, of course, when you go back they didn’t have one and had to pay a whopping 20$ for one at Walmart. 🙁 Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan  Anyways, I made this with a simple vanilla cake mix and colored vanilla icing. Continue reading “Pearl dust for Cake Decorating Giant Cupcake!”

Primitive Washboard



Always walking through antique shops and primitive stores and i find these old time washboards. They are pretty much for sale everywhere, in any size!! And yes they are nice just hung up as a vintage looking piece, but i wanted something that would blend more with my painted things, in my laundry room. So I thought i would try painting, and it turned out like this:

washboard   This is something that is so simple to make, but would be an awesome wedding or house warming gift. First, I painted the metal piece in the middle with a stone-effect, spray paint. After it had dried I painted the top and edges with a flat brown and kind of touched on a lighter brown over that just for some texture and an older look.

After the paint had dried, I used stencils to paint on the word Love and added the star and jute string bow with a button. I added a hanger on the back and you’re ready to hang up and enjoy!!!! So many people have asked were I got this from. And im proud to say i made it myself. Good luck and Happy krafting! 🙂

Splash of Color

Okay, so i wanted to share how to make some cute photos without the overwhelming feel of Photoshop or other editors that take time or require purchase! This is a photo i took last year, and thought it would look really cute in black and white, but i got to playing around with picmonkey editor and it turned out really cute! Heres an easy step by step…


1. Go to www.picmonkey.com (u do not have to register and there is no purchase required for the tools used on this photo)

2. Upload the picture that you want to edit

3. After your photo pops up (you may crop first) you click on the black and white button under the effects tab on the left side. Then you will see a pop up menu that says paint.

4. Zoom in on the area you would like to make original color, or focal point.

5. Make sure that original is selected on paint menu, and adjust brush size as needed. Then you can just color over the are with the brush and it will erase the black and white filter, as shown.




6. If you mess up, simply select effect and go back over mistakes. Keep zooming in to get as close to perfect as you can.

7. Continue until entire desired area is the way you like. You can do this to as many things in the photo you like.

8. After you are finished just make sure to save!!!

I know this may not be as good as complete color replacement edits, but it is very user friendly and lets you have more free hand control. Happy krafting! 🙂

Finished example

Dying Artificial Flowers

So i was making a wedding cake for some family, and i needed some flowers (that match her other wedding decorations) to use on the cake. I looked at several craft stores and places, yet couldn’t find anything close to what i needed, I’m guessing because of this time of year. I had light blue roses from my wedding (which were way too pale) and i tried to Google ways to get them darker, but all called for special dye purchased from crafting store. I had none on hand, so i wanted to try a few things… turns out i found a really neat and easy way to!!!

Flower Dye   Here shown i put some water into a plastic bowl and put about half a teaspoon of Wilton cake icing color (i used sky blue) and mixed very well. Then I dipped each flower in there for about 5 seconds and then shook it off and placed on a towel to dry. I didn’t really believe that it would work, but turned out great! I don’t think you could turn a flower from one color to another, but this way would definitely turn white flowers into many colors and darken or brighten others! Here’s before and after:Result

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Very easy to make!


– premade vanilla cupcakes

– vanilla icing

– blue food coloring

– marshmallow eyes/chocolate chips

– chocolate chip cookies

Thought I would share something simple, yet lots of fun! I have seen these posted several places and I had to try! Made these little monsters as a get well prize for a young friend, and it cheered him up fast! 🙂 but I think these would be great to make with the kids!


Start off with baked cupcakes that have cooled. Color your icing blue and add a small layer of frosting on the cupcake. Then lay the cookie on the cupcake (towards the front so it hangs out). Then,  all I did was take a small piece of another cupcake I wasn’t going to decorate and placed it toward the back of the cupcake (over back half of cookie) to create a bump for the head. Then i frosted that piece and around it with the blue icing, (I tried to make it furry looking by tapping with butter knife all over frosting). I added same color sprinkles to give more texture. See, not hard at all. For the eyes, I just flattened mini marshmallows and glued on a chocolate chip with the icing. I recommend placing these in fridge quickly after making to let the icing harden a tad. Seems like the heads try to slide off if frosting is too creamy and humid. I’m sure this would work for Elmo and Oscar too with red and green coloring!

Happy Krafting!